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Strategies to Achieve Compliance and Real Risk Reduction at the Same Time

Organizations like yours use regulatory guides and compliance frameworks as the foundation of their list of controls. You can easily have many hundreds to thousands of controls to create and manage.

Unfortunately, many organizations are skewed unknowingly toward pure compliance activities and not most efficiently accomplishing real risk reduction.

Join Roger Grimes, KnowBe4's Data-Driven Defense Evangelist, 30-year security veteran, and former auditor who has passed the CPA and CISA exams for this informative webinar. Roger explores how compliance and security differ and how you can both be compliant and efficiently reduce your organization’s most important risks.

Key elements he discusses:

  • How to accurately determine your organization’s risk factors
  • Why you should focus on the root causes of exploitation
  • Linking your risk-ranked mitigations to the threats they offset
  • Implementing the new risk rankings in your GRC solution
Luckily, with just a few modifications in your current process, you can use your risk management process to get both compliance and efficient real-world security


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Watch the Webinar!