Case Study

U.S. County Government Case Study

This Southwest U.S. county government struggled with an audit when their new compliance manager realized all of their audit evidence was stored in text files. They needed something to help them get organized and to easily cross-reference all of the regulatory requirements to which they were held. Already a KnowBe4 customer for security awareness training, this county government looked to KCM GRC for assistance.

After implementing KCM, this U.S. county government had:

  • An intuitive and affordable experience when purchasing and getting started with the product
  • Such success with KCM that they decided to explore more functionality with the platform's Risk Management Module
  • A smooth and remote auditing process, which was critical during the global pandemic

Insurance Comparison Company Case Study

The nation’s leading insurance comparison company, The Zebra, strongly prioritizes meeting compliance needs, as it faces some of the most strict compliance standards in the insurance industry. Their team members recognized that in order to successfully meet the compliance standards, they would have to invest in a way to gather and track data more easily and effectively. Upon learning about the KCM GRC platform, The Zebra began using it immediately and experienced fast answers in response to their compliance questions.

KCM has newly enabled The Zebra to:

  • Simplify and streamline the onboarding process
  • Automate, track and operationalize compliance
  • Automate the running of vendor questionnaires
  • Improve structure and assessment of audits

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