Manage and Automate Compliance and Audit Cycles

With KCM Compliance Management

Are your compliance and audit projects taking up too much of your time?

KCM’s Compliance Management module helps you streamline, automate, and simplify your compliance and audit tasks. KCM effectively reduces the time you need to satisfy all of the requirements necessary to meet your compliance goals and helps you spend significantly less time and money on your compliance and audits.

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Managing Audits and Compliance

Today, most organizations are required to follow some type of regulation. Almost all of us need to comply with PCI-DSS, but often that is combined with other regulations such as HIPAA. Even if you are not required by law to comply with any regulations, you may be following an internal risk framework, internal policies & procedures, or an industry best practices framework such as NIST or ISO.

Managing compliance for one regulation or framework is time consuming. Having multiple regulations sometimes means you have to create an entire and expensive compliance department. And, traditional spreadsheets make it hard to keep track of all these different requirements. KCM’s Compliance Management module has a simple, intuitive user interface, easy to understand workflows, a short learning curve, and will be fully functional in a matter of days. KCM allows you to automate and manage your compliance initiatives and audits by assigning control tasks, creating auditor reports, and storing evidence.

Managing Audits and Compliance
Quick Implementation

Quick Implementation

Using the built-in quick setup capability, KCM GRC can have you on your way to improved compliance quickly. KCM’s implementation guide walks you through four steps to get you up and running. First, create your templates and scopes. Second, add your users that need access to complete controls tasks and manage scopes. Third, run your scope self-assessment to see how many requirements you have met or need to meet for a particular scope. And finally, create your controls and assign task schedules that help you demonstrate how your organization is meeting compliance requirements.

Compliance Requirements Templates

The Compliance Management module comes with a variety of managed compliance templates. These pre-built templates are maintained by KnowBe4 and are available for some of the most common regulations such as PCI, Cloud Security Alliance, Center for Internet Security, NIST, HIPAA, FFIEC, Secure Controls Framework, GDPR, FedRAMP, AICPA SSAE18, and more. KnowBe4’s Experts create new templates as regulations change or are updated so there is no need for you to monitor confusing changes in regulations any more. See the full list of KnowBe4 managed templates here.

You also have the ability to customize existing templates or create your own custom templates to fit the needs of your organization. You have that flexibility! We have a lot of customers using KCM to audit against a custom set of requirements which you can easily set up yourself inside KCM. Here are some examples of templates that customers created themselves to comply with:

  • Sarbanes Oxley
  • ISO 9001
  • Change Control
  • Audit Remediation
  • GLBA
  • Customer/Vendor Assessments
Compliance Requirements Templates
Control Guidance

Control Guidance

Do you need to be compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, or PCI? But not quite sure what steps to get there? Use KCM’s control guidance feature to help you create adequate controls to meet your specific scopes and requirements. KCM provides suggestions in-platform with control guidance added for the requirements under many of the managed templates KCM offers. Control guidance is available for the most commonly used frameworks including CMMC, GDPR, HIPAA, NIST, PCI, and more. Learn more about how to use control guidance to build your controls for compliance here

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