About Us

KnowBe4 is the world’s largest integrated security awareness training and simulated phishing platform. Realizing that the human element of security was being seriously neglected, KnowBe4 was created to help organizations manage the ongoing problem of social engineering through a comprehensive new-school awareness training approach. Tens of thousands of organizations worldwide use KnowBe4’s platform across all industries, including highly regulated fields such as finance, healthcare, energy, government and insurance to mobilize their end users as a last line of defense and enable them to make smarter security decisions.

Many of our customers needed to provide security training to meet regulatory compliance. While working with these customers, KnowBe4 quickly discovered a need for a streamlined system to manage the compliance, risk, and audit process. KCM GRC is SaaS-based governance, risk, and compliance platform that helps streamline and centralize compliance, risk, and audit processes across your entire organization and across your third-party vendors. KCM simplifies the complexity of achieving compliance and eases the burden of demonstrating compliance to auditors and stakeholders; minimizing the busy work commonly associated with audits and compliance, eliminating the hassle of evidence collection from multiple departments, while simultaneously allowing your team to remain productive and functioning as usual.

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